Pumpous Apparel: There Is More to Design Than Plain Text

Greeting one and all, we would like to welcome you to Pumpous Apparel.We are absolutely thrilled to launch this site and getting to this point has been a lot of fun. So other than making a buck or two, what is the purpose of this site?

The world of fitness is a huge part of our culture. The myriad of sites, shows, memes, and supplements are a testament to the impact “lifting” has had on the world. Fitness is valued, and people take pride in being fit and looking good, as they should.

Although an entire subculture exists around lifting, I have found that the majority of apparel related to that whole world comprises bland, uninspired designs that consist mostly of phrases and slogans, and nothing else.



That ain’t right!

The mission here is to come up with designs that go beyond words on a blank background, with fitness front and center as the main theme. There are not that many designs in our catalog at this point, but definitely stay tuned. We will add designs and blogs on a regular basis (ideas… so many all stuffed in our brains right now!).


Of course, we are always open to (constructive) criticism, so please feel free to send some feedback our way via , and make sure to check out what is available right here.