Mission: Gympossible

by Flex Luthor


I almost always get very annoyed when talking to a physically non active person about working out. In most cases, people don't need to be convinced  they should hit the gym. That's never the hard part. People will also usually know some of the benefits of regular and frequent workouts. But why is there such a disconnect between what they know and what they actually (don't) do?

Very often, working out is viewed as a chore. It's this thing you have to do if you want to be healthy and thin. This type of perspective is never a good start and will always lead to a wasted gym membership. So let's list some of the benefits of hitting your local house of gains. Perhaps seeing them listed one after the other will inspire a few to grab some weights and start lifting.



Look Good/Feel Good

Let's start with the obvious. When you work out you look better, and when you look better you feel better. Feeling better about the way you look will not just translate to liking mirrors a whole lot more. All aspects of one's life are interconnected, and working out regularly will change your entire outlook on life. Feeling good is what turns a half empty glass into a half full one.


Live Longer

There are many things over which we have no control. You never know when you'll be run over by a drunk driver or attacked by a circus clown. Whether you get regular exercise, though? That is 100% under your control. All other things being equal, a person who works out will always outlive another who doesn't. There is so much to live for and absolutely no good reason to make life shorter than it needs to be.


A Day Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

There are those days when either nothing seems to go right, or nothing is planned and you don't even remotely feel like doing anything productive. The answer is very simply: hit the motherf***ing gym! No matter how your day has been or what the rest of it looks like, once you get some lifting done, you will automatically feel better about your day because even if everything else goes wrong, you will have done this one thing right.


Body and Mind

There is another reason why working out will make you feel better on a bad day. When you go to the gym, you can physically work through whatever stress plagues you at the time. You get some endorphins flowing and feel better as a result.

When lone wolfing it, you not only deal with your stress but also getting some serious thinking going. This is not a panicky, holy-crap-what-am-I-going-to-do kind of thinking. It's a very clean, clear, zen type of thinking where ideas and solutions are generated. If you've reached a cul-de-sac on a problem, just go to the gym. Even if you don't come out of your work out with a fully formed solution, you will at the very least be on a path to it. If you have a workout buddy to lift with, the gym is an amazing place to either catch up, shoot the breeze, and/or exchange ideas. So you get to work through your problems and maintain friendships at the same time. Sweet!



Be Good at Sitting Around

Guess what, working out makes you better at doing nothing! Regular exercise boosts your metabolism. This means that even when you are sitting around watching TV or gaming, you're burning more calories than the slobs doing the same sitting around. Resting is also essential for those almighty gains, so at any time you just veg around, you do so with purpose!


So there you have it, guys. Working out is about a lot more than just being healthy. It makes you feel better, helps your mind run optimally, and makes even your rest time an essential part of your body's operation. All of that good stuff will lead to both a better personal and professional life. So please think about how much of a disservice you're doing yourself whenever you come up with an excuse not to hit the gym. Always remember: to lift or not to lift, that is never the question!

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PS: Please note that blogs and articles on this site are *never* meant to serve as expert advice. We are just gym enthusiasts sharing our thoughts, opinions, and whatever knowledge we have. So please be smart: if you are going to make any kind of lifestyle change, do so based on your own research and upon consultation with actual health professionals. 

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